Valentine Roses

Other than red, we have a variety of different color roses if you know her favorite color roses.  roses 2015

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2015 Valentine’s Day

Roses! The Roses are coming! 2015 Valentine’s Day is coming up soon on Saturday, February 14.


Our popular items are roses and here are their prices below (please add delivery fee and sales tax). Delivery is available for minimum purchase of $50. Delivery fee is $15 to $20 depending on delivery location.

Red Roses Arrangement
2 Dozen – $152
1 Dozen – $96
1/2 Dozen – $55

red roses arrangement

^^ 1 dozen roses arrangement (filler and green may vary by availability) ^^

Make a note of your significant’s favorite color roses; you’ll be surprised that it is not necessary red.

Color Roses Arrangement
1 Dozen – $86
1/2 Dozen – $50

Here are the prices for some of the other popular items

red roses with lilies

^^ Roses with lilies arrangement (flowers may vary by availability) ^^

Roses with Lilies Arrangement
1 Dozen Roses and Oriental Lilies – $123

Spring Mix (with Roses)
Large – $97
Medium – $79
Small – $67

^^ Large Spring Mix arrangement (flowers may vary by availability) ^^

Valentine’s day special hour: 7 am to 6 pm.

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Kadomatsu to welcome 2015

Kadomatsu are here at the store this week.  Yes, it is only Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. The bamboo, the pine (matsu) will bring green into the home just like the Christmas trees would. Kadomatsu is given just like a flower arrangement, to welcome an awesome New Year to come.  Kadomatsu is no longer just a Japanese tradition but a local tradition. Come and check it out at the store.

Kadomatsu 2015


Pre-orders are welcome. Call us at 808-732-7668 for availability. Yes, we can deliver them to your love ones same as a flower arrangement (minimum $45 purchase plus $15 delivery fee).

Mini (6″) – $12.99
Small (12″) – Plain: $28 / arranged: $39
Medium  (16″-18″) – Plain: $42 / arranged: $59 (pictured above)
Large (22″-24″) – Plain: $52 / arranged: $69
Business Large (25″ and up) Call for availability and pricing.

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Kula Protea

We just got some freshly cut protea from Kula, upcountry Maui. We are so proud of our friend lugged these beauties over to Honolulu for us. Kudos to her dad who got up early on Sunday for these cuttings and packing.  Thank  you.  Thank you.

Kula Protea

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Butterflies and our crown flower trees

Our crown flower trees are now bare with hardly much leaves left.  Leaves (are) were munched by butterfly caterpillars for the last month and a half. It is a devastated sight from a crown flower farmer or a home owner perspective. But to caterpillars, fatten by every inch of leaves is a must, in order to get ready for coconing, then becoming butterflies.  We put our blinders on and let the caterpillars munch on. We welcome the devastation, knowing that there will be more butterflies for the world.  The tree will be refilled with leaves again. It will be soon be spring, summer, fall, then again butterflis return and lay their eggs.

crown flower tree and caterpillar

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Flower Arrangement Placement

Flower arrangement placement do make a difference on how an arrangement will be perceived. For short arrangements, find a spot in the house where you would view the arrangement from above.  Places such as the dinner table,  coffee table, or night stands.  Avoid placing them high above view.  Placing arrangement in places  such as the fireplace mantel or bar ledge would make the arrangement perceived as less full.  See sample photos below.

2-2014 Nov-2 0711-2014 Nov-2 070

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Double Trees, double Christmas trees

We got two trees for Christmas, one for home and one for the shop.  At the flower shop we use the leave branches to  fragrant and green up the Christmas arrangements.  At Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, we wish you all a merry and stress-less Christmas.  

Double Christmas Trees

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Waikiki Sunset

Sometimes we just need to slow down and just watch the sunset.  Keep calm. Stay healthy.

1-2014 photos 383

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Happy Labor Day

Sweet Blossoms Hawaii will be closed to celebrate Labor Day.  It is also our 7th anniversary day.  Imagine that, seven year ago, we had our grand opening on Labor Day.  The next day, our official first day of business, we had only one walk-in customer. He bought a single stem of flower. Thank you all for your support for the past many years. Happy Labor Day.

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Farmer’s from the Big Island needs your help

Storm Iselle’s damage to Big Island farm crops is estimated at $53M. Please volunteer or make your donation.

See link below on how you can help.

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