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Handtie Bouquet

Giving flower don’t have to be so serious.  Just pick what you like and bunch them together.  Girl loves flowers.  Regardless.


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Enjoy your blossoms

It’s day #3 for your Valentine’s Day flowers. Hope you all enjoying the blossoms of your roses and spring mix. Please remember to change out the water. It will let your flowers last that much longer.

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That wreath looks a little dried out and brown?  That would be your reminder to take down those Christmas lights and decoration around the house.  If you have not already chopped up your Christmas tree and placed them in the green bin for green-cycle, please do so to eliminate the chance of fire from a dried-out Christmas tree.  Here at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, we are accepting your holiday and Christmas wreath for wreath-cycle. We separate the wreath apart for proper disposal or recycle.  You can do the same by follow our blog from last year.  Wish you all a healthy 2010. 

 See video of Christmas tree fire at USFA

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Gardenias = Summer in Paradise

Gardenias season on the island is between April and July. Season peaks right about now in June. If you want them in August, pray for heavy rain in July:) Not recommended. Care of gardenias is simple. When you bring home fresh gardenias from the florist, blossoms are usually tight and off-white with a light touch of green in color. To speed up the bloom and release of fragrant, display your gardenias in the warmer part of the house with bright light. To keep unused bunches dormant, place them in a small short glass of water, place a plastic bag over them to keep the buds from drying out and keep them in the lower shelf of your refrigerator. You can do similar to displayed gardenias when you’re out and about. Upon return, take them back out from the refrigerator, remove plastic bag and continue to enjoy the fragrant of these beautiful summer blossoms. Replace browned flowers with new buds, and change water often. Enjoy the summer. With gardenia around, you’re sure to be in paradise.

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Christmas Treecycle and wreathcycle

It’s time to dispose your Christmas tree and wreaths and it’s tempting to just throw them all in the trash. But it is worth while to separate them out for reuse and recycle first. In Kapahulu area, our next green waste (green bin) pick up is on January 8, Thursday.

Tabletop Christmas tree (topiary) – Pull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. Pull all the greens and dispose them in the (green waste) green bin. Dispose the oasis in the (refuse) gray bin. The vase can be reuse or donate to Goodwill.

Wreath with metal base. – Pull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. The remaining metal base and green is best just thrown in the gray bin. H-power will pick out the metal before burning the rest.


Wreath with natural twig basePull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. Or call your local florist to see if they would take back the wreath. Some would certainly take the time to unwire the greens and save the twig base for future use.


Norfolk Christmas tree is rather easy to set up for treecycle.
1. Take off all the hung ornaments first and store them for future use.
2. Snap off the branches as you untangle the lights, wrapping the lights into a ball and store for next year use.
3. Snap off the remaining branches and bunch them in a pile.
4. Saw the main trunk in two or three pieces.
5. bundle everything and place them in the green bin.

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Care for Rose and Floral Arrangement

Vase Arrangements

Keep vase filled with water containing flower food (follow instruction on package)
When water become cloudy, change water. Re-cut stems with a sharp clippers. Place flowers back in water right away after cutting.
Keep floral arrangement in a cool spot and stay away from direct heat and drafts.
Pull foliage as they die.
Dispose along with your green waste.  Check for your green waste pick-up schedule.

Oasis Arrangements
Flowers are thirsty, every other day add water until oasis is moist. 
Keep floral arrangement cool and stay away from direct sun or heat and drafts.
Pull foliage as they die.
Dispose along with your green waste.

Check www.envhonolulu.orgfor your green waste pick-up schedule.

Other Care Posts

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Care for kadomatsu arrangement

Traditionally, kadomatsu arrangements are displayed from January 1 to January 7 and burned on January 15.  Some people keep their dry bamboo arrangements throught the year.  Here are a few tips on keeping the kadomatsu nice and neat.

Set Kadomatsu in a dish or container filled with water.
Keep water level below the rope.
Keep Kadomatsu in a cool spot and stay away from direct heat when not in use.
Pull foliage as they die.
Bamboo dry nicely and can be level cut to reuse as nail or pen holder. Otherwise, dispose along with your green waste.  Check for your green waste pick-up schedule.

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Treat flower arrangements like cold drinks when placed on wood surfaces

Usually flower arrangements from the flower shop are refrigerated. So, treat flower arrangements like cold drinks.  When place on wood surface, such as an antique dining table or hallway table,  use a “coaster” so condensation will not damage the wood surface.    

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Use ceramic or glass container

It is best to arrange flowers in ceramic or glass containers.  Baskets and wood boxes, when get wet, may stain the surface they are set on.  So make sure you test your baskets and boxes out before setting them on your antique table or marble surface.

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Care for Christmas Tree

• After the tree arrive home, cut 1/2″ to 1″ off the bottom of the trunk and keep the cut level.
• Place tree in a bucket of water or a tree stand right away.
• Check water level and especially on the first few days when it will drink up the most water
• Add a few drop of Clorox to keep the water bacteria free.
• Keep tree in a cool spot and away from direct heat.
• Your local Leyland or Norfolk Christmas trees can last more than 6 weeks. Keep a few branches for your next Flower arrangement.
• Cut into sections of 3′ in length and dispose along with your green waste. Check for treecycle information.

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