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Care for Floral Arrangement (in Oasis)

• Flowers are thirsty, add water every other day until oasis is moist. 
• Keep floral arrangement cool and stay away from direct sun or heat and drafts.
• Pull foliage as they die.
• Dispose along with your green waste.  Check www.envhonolulu.orgfor your green waste pick-up schedule.

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Care for Protea or Christmas Wreath

  • Hang protea or Christmas wreath at your front door
    or other location and let it dry naturally.
  • Before dispose along with your green waste, untie and remove all wire. Metal wire will demage the chipper. Check for treecycle information.
  • You can also bring you dry wreath back to us. We are happy to get our wreaths off the landfill.

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Care for Protea Arrangement

Add water daily or until oasis is moist.
Keep protea away from direct sun or heat and drafts.
Protea can be dried by hanging them upside down in a dark place

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