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Lei vs. arm bouquet

Well, sure we are in Hawaii and we should get lei.  But sometimes it is kind of fun to get an arm bouquet.  No, I don’t mean a dozen roses from the grocery store.  I mean a really nicely arranged arm bouquet with nice wrapping and a big bow, the type you would get at a pageant or at the end of a recital.  So, try it, but cooridnate with each other, because she is only got two arms.


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Congrat to the grads

Lei giving (piling) is a common a scene at graduations.  Consider lei with big visual impact such as the single orchids, carnation, and plumeria that are big in size and bright in color. Of course price are very reasonable for the tuberose, heea, sea grapes and ti-leaves lei but with less visual impact.  Then again, it is not about visual impact with lei giving.  It’s about sharing the aloha and giving congratulation.  Have fun at the graduation.  Take plenty pictures, okay.

Christina Style Orchid Lei and Angle Style Orchid Lei (shown above)

By the way, we are on your way to Waikiki Shell.  So you can simply drop in, pick up the lei, then head on down to the Shell. Here are some of the schoolss that are having their graduation at the Shell.

6/5/2010 Hawaii Baptist Academy
5/23/2010 Kaimuki High School
5/19/2010 Hawaii Pacific University (HPU)
6/6/2010 Hawaii Mission Academy

Other public school graduation date for 2010

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School graduation date and school color

Here is list of school graduation and the school color. Very useful if you want to color match the lei or the ribbon etc.

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Lei Giving (or piling:)

Lei giving (or piling :) is a local tradition for congratulating the graduate after the ceremony. From photo below, we can spot many of our island beloved lei from top to bottom, they are Single Purple Orchid Lei, Black Kukui Nut and White Seashells, Candy lei, Orange and Light Purple Cigar Lei, Purple Orchid Lei, Brown Kukui Nut Lei, Sea Grape Lei, Rainbow color Yarn Lei, Black Kukui Nut Lei, Tuberose with Ilima Lei, Ti Leave Lei, Double Crown Lei, Green Paper Origami Lei, Miale Lei, Blue Ribbon Lei, White Kukui Nut Lei.


Date and Time of Graduation that are nearby. Congratulation.
Mid-Pac 5/23/09, 5pm at School Campus
Sacred Hearts 5/23/09, 5pm at School Campus
Damien 5/24/09, 10am at Kamehameha School
St. Louis 5/24/09, 1pm at NBC Arena
Kamehameha 5/24/09, 7pm at NBC Arena
La Pietra 5/27/09, 6pm at School Campus
Kalani 6/4/09, 6pm at NBC Arena
Kaiser 6/5/09, 5:30pm at School Campus
Maryknoll 6/5/09, 5:30pm at NBC Arena
Iolani 6/6/09, 5pm at School Campus
Kaimuki 6/6/09, 5pm at Waikiki Shell
Punahou 6/6/09, 8pm at NBC Arena
Roosevelt 6/6/09, 6:30 at School Campus
McKinley 6/7/09, 5pm at School Campus

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Congratulate with lei

(green orchid, he’ee, Maile, tuberose, cigar, kukui nut)

Lei are like flower arrangements, you can either pick one off the fridge or you can order ahead. When you order ahead, the lei will come granantee fresher and nicer.  There are certain lei such as the maile, pikake, puakinikini, royal ilima, or the haku, you need to order them early anyway. Not many shops have many of them in stock.   

(Green orchid, willamina orchid, angle orchid, cigar, carnation)

Since we are not your everyday lei shop, you can ask us to do a lei of a different color combination, different twist combination, shorter length for kids, and of course the haku lei – very popular for graduation, weddings and birthday celebration. 

(haku lei)

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What type of lei is good for graduation?

graduation graduation graduation

It’s graduation season. Lei giving come to mind when you live in Hawaii. And the question always come up, what is the right kind of lei to give? There is not much of any rules when it comes to lei giving. You can give it anytime, with or without an occasion. You can even buy your own lei so you could just look good. Okay, may be there is a few rules. Never give a pregnant woman a close lei, and the lei maker can make you an open end lei of any type of lei. Just ask. Give lei with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. (for company function, it is easier when the giver and recipient be of the opposite gender) Always accept a lei with a mahalo or thank you. If you’re allergic or uncomfortable with flowers around your neck, you can take it off discreetly after receiving it. Lei should be treated with respect, never place them on the seat of a chair, the floor or swing them around. Don’t wear the lei that you are about to give. Although it is okay to give any lei regardless of gender, some lei are preferred by men and other are preferred by women. In general, lei with kukui nut looks good on men. Other intricate orchid lei look beautiful on women. Lei maker even have special names for them – Christiana, Angel, Butterfly, Wilamina, just to name a few.

Lei preferred by male – kukui nut with mock orange, cigar with kukui nut, crown, maile, ti leave, ti leave with rose, heehee with sea grape, double crown, triple crown.

Lei preferred by female – pua kenikeni; pikake – single, double, triple strand or rope style; Orchid in the Christina, angel, butterfly, wilamina weave style; micro ginger with ilima, orchid, ti leave, red ginger;

Lei for both gender – single orchid in color of green, white or purple; double orchid, cigar, carnation, carnation with roses, tuberose, tuberose with carnation; tuberose with roses; haku, royal ilima, white ginger – single or double; plumeria, tie leave, stephanotis, shell,

Fragrant lei – pikake, pua kenikeni, ginger, tuberose, crown.

Rare lei – Ohia, Kaunaoa, Hinahina, makihana, Maunaloa, Pakalana, Paper flower, firecracker, Vanda Orchid, jad vine,

University of Hawaii Graduation Sunday, May 18, 2008
La Pietra Girl School Graduation at School Great Lawn on Wednesday, May21, 2008
Saint Louis School AT Neal S. Blaisdell Arena on Saturday, May 24, 2008
Kaiser High School at School Stadium on Friday, May 30, 2008
Kaimuki High School at Waikiki Shell on Saturday, May 31, 2008
Kalani High School at Neal S. Blaisdell Arena onTuesday, June 3, 2008
Iolani School at School Campus, Saturday, June 7, 2008
Other School Graduation date.

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Want to see some beautiful lei. Check out the annual Merrie Monarch.

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