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Pikake Bloom

The web only let me post the aroma of this heavenly fragrance of pikake that the rest of the world call jasmine.  Really, if you live in Hawaii, go and look around your neighborhood for a pikake bush and just stand next to it under the evening trade breeze that swirl its fragrance into the air. Take a whiff, and now that’s paradise. 


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Lei and Everything

On March 26-27, 10am-3pm, at the at the Academy Art Center at Linekona, you will have a chance to see lei demonstrations, hula, and talk story with lei maker. In addition, come to the panel discussion and learn more about planting and maintaining a lei garden on March 26 at 2:15pm. For more information, call 808-523-8741.

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Plumeria Haku Lei

Haku lei – a floral crown worn around the head of that special someone.

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Crown Flowers

Crown flowers come in off white and lavender in color. Flowers bloom year round and the tree is relatively small in size and very low maintenance. Crown flower lei are one of those quiet and elegant lei. To add a little splash, one may want to twisted it with a strand of roses, pikake or pakalana lei.

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Green Lei Deliveries

Did you know the lei that  you purchase from Sweet Blossoms Hawaii are delivered to the shop by bus, carpool or hybrid?  Yes, that’s another way to reduce our reliance on fuel, reduce delivery cost and our price offered to you.  Sure it is a triple win situation.  We love it. Hope  you like our low lei price too.

Triple crown flower lei shown above (not available in store, special order only)

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Lei vs. arm bouquet

Well, sure we are in Hawaii and we should get lei.  But sometimes it is kind of fun to get an arm bouquet.  No, I don’t mean a dozen roses from the grocery store.  I mean a really nicely arranged arm bouquet with nice wrapping and a big bow, the type you would get at a pageant or at the end of a recital.  So, try it, but cooridnate with each other, because she is only got two arms.


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Congrat to the grads

Lei giving (piling) is a common a scene at graduations.  Consider lei with big visual impact such as the single orchids, carnation, and plumeria that are big in size and bright in color. Of course price are very reasonable for the tuberose, heea, sea grapes and ti-leaves lei but with less visual impact.  Then again, it is not about visual impact with lei giving.  It’s about sharing the aloha and giving congratulation.  Have fun at the graduation.  Take plenty pictures, okay.

Christina Style Orchid Lei and Angle Style Orchid Lei (shown above)

By the way, we are on your way to Waikiki Shell.  So you can simply drop in, pick up the lei, then head on down to the Shell. Here are some of the schoolss that are having their graduation at the Shell.

6/5/2010 Hawaii Baptist Academy
5/23/2010 Kaimuki High School
5/19/2010 Hawaii Pacific University (HPU)
6/6/2010 Hawaii Mission Academy

Other public school graduation date for 2010

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School graduation date and school color

Here is list of school graduation and the school color. Very useful if you want to color match the lei or the ribbon etc.

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Happy Lei Day


Lei Day is May Day in Hawaii.  Full day celebration is happening at Kapiolani Park.  Check out the flyer for more detail event information.  I certainly wouldn’t miss the Lei Contest.  Happy May Day!  Check out photos of some of my favorites.

lei book byMarie A. McDonald, Paul R. Weissich

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February 23, 2010 Tuesday (9am -11am)
Beyond the Vase Blossom in this floral design and flower-arranging class. Lyon Arboretum, 3860 Manoa Rd. $15 + $25 supply fee. Ph. 988-0456. Source: Honolulu Weekly

February 27, 2010 Wednesday (9:30am-12pm)
Lei Making Workshops Brian Choy, repeat winner sweeping most categories annually at the Lei Day Celebration, shows you some of his tricks of the trade in this demonstration workshop. Limited to 40 people. Call 373-2722 or visit Aina Hina Park, 827 West Hind Dr. Source: Honolulu Weekly

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