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Weird Wreaths from Honolulu

Jawaiian Rainbow by Marshall Fergerstrom

Weird Wreaths – in a good way. It is always so much fun every year to stop by Honolulu Hale to look at the wreaths that made for the Holiday Wreath Contest.  This year’s theme is Kalakoa Kalikimaka – A Holiday of Colors. I especially enjoy the creative use of recycled or found materials for their wreaths. There were the leaves, seed pods, dry fruit, twits, sun shade fabric, color bottle caps,… and even eye balls-plastic ones. Happy Holidays.  Enjoy!  More Photos

I See You When You're Sleeping by Json NJawaiian Rainbow by Marshall Fergerstrom

Holiday Harvest by Patti Johnson


Holiday Wreath Contest, 2010.

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Table Top Christmas Tree

When you have kids and pets in the house, one good alternative to a full size Christmas tree is this table top Christmas tree.  Come fully decorated. 

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Sweet Angel

Protea, kukui nut, sea shell and silk leave  makes a pretty good angel.  Happy Holidays. 

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Local Christmas Treess

We visited the tree farm this afternoon and hand picked our first batch of Norfolk local Christmas trees. Give us a call to reserve one at 808-732-7668.

Norfolk Christmas Tree at the store (last updated 12/12/10)
5′ -$49 (sold out)
6′ – $59 (sold out)
7′ – $69 (sold out)

local christmas tree

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Christmas Celebration

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday and it is time to prepare for a great Christmas. Let us know how we can help. We have hand arranged table top Christmas trees and wreaths.

Make sure to join the electric light parade and tree lighting ceremony on December 4. More info at

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That wreath looks a little dried out and brown?  That would be your reminder to take down those Christmas lights and decoration around the house.  If you have not already chopped up your Christmas tree and placed them in the green bin for green-cycle, please do so to eliminate the chance of fire from a dried-out Christmas tree.  Here at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, we are accepting your holiday and Christmas wreath for wreath-cycle. We separate the wreath apart for proper disposal or recycle.  You can do the same by follow our blog from last year.  Wish you all a healthy 2010. 

 See video of Christmas tree fire at USFA

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Pledge to shop local for the holidays

Help support OUR local economy this Holiday Season. By pledging to spend $150 of your shopping dollars at locally-owned stores this season, you will have a $25 million impact on O‘ahu, an estimated $4 million more than if it was spent at a non-local big box retailer. Honolulu Weekly will automatically enter you to win $1000 in gift certificates from independent locally owned merchants and restaurants.

Make your pledge at Honolulu Weekly! Deadline to pledge is December 20.

(Estimate based on numbers from Civic Economics that $0.68 of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the community, while only $0.43 stays when spent at a chain.)

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Red Roses Special

Roses and Christmas Green

Red roses and Christmas greens arrangement is the perfect gift for the holiday.  The above arrangement is priced at $50.

Other Red Roses Special: Buy 1 dozen of South American roses at $24.99 and get half dozen more for free (while supply last). Or have it arranged into an 18-roses arrangement for $55.99.Happy Holidays.

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CSI Annual Holiday Party

CSI Annual Holiday Party, UH School of Architecture Scholarship Auction & Celebration for Gilman Hu is tomorrow. One Christmas topiary and one hand made Christmas wreath, created especially for the event by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii will be available at the auction. Join them to honor Gilman Hu’s and support UH School of Architecture Scholarship at this annual holiday party. Call CSI reservations line at 847-1862. All CSI members will receive 15% off until December 26, 2009. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Treecycle and wreathcycle

It’s time to dispose your Christmas tree and wreaths and it’s tempting to just throw them all in the trash. But it is worth while to separate them out for reuse and recycle first. In Kapahulu area, our next green waste (green bin) pick up is on January 8, Thursday.

Tabletop Christmas tree (topiary) – Pull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. Pull all the greens and dispose them in the (green waste) green bin. Dispose the oasis in the (refuse) gray bin. The vase can be reuse or donate to Goodwill.

Wreath with metal base. – Pull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. The remaining metal base and green is best just thrown in the gray bin. H-power will pick out the metal before burning the rest.


Wreath with natural twig basePull off all ornaments, save them for next year to be reused. Or call your local florist to see if they would take back the wreath. Some would certainly take the time to unwire the greens and save the twig base for future use.


Norfolk Christmas tree is rather easy to set up for treecycle.
1. Take off all the hung ornaments first and store them for future use.
2. Snap off the branches as you untangle the lights, wrapping the lights into a ball and store for next year use.
3. Snap off the remaining branches and bunch them in a pile.
4. Saw the main trunk in two or three pieces.
5. bundle everything and place them in the green bin.

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