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Happy Holidays


Sweet Blossoms Hawaii would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  SBH. 

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Ikebana Annual Exhibition

Ikebana International Honolulu Chapter will be having their annual exhibition from March 30-April 3 at the Academy Art Center at Linekona. This would be their 50th (since 19461) There will be more than 40 modern and traditional ikebana arrangement on display. Guest artist Kika Shibata, Riji of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. For more information, call 808-532-8741.

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Cherry Blossoms, Anyone

We have double pink cherry blossom in the shop. They are about 4 to 6 foot in lengths. This only available in March through mid-April.  Enjoy your blossoms. 

^ pick branches that have lots of buds. 

^ When in bloom, cherry blossoms is out of this world pretty.

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Narcissus Plants for the New Year

Finally we’ve got them in. Live narcissus flower plants are here. It is by far the best flower to celebrate spring and Chinese Lunar New Year. Please call 808-732-7668 for availability.

$15.99 per plant (in plastic container)
$21.99 with basic container
$28.99 with gift container

Chinese New Year is early. I mean early. It’s on Feburary 3. Many believe the more blossoms one had on New Year day, the more prosperous one will be for the year. It is no wonder people would decorated their home with narcissus, quince, peach or plum blossom as well as pussy willow to welcome the new year. Check out this brochure by Asian Art Museum, for more information on flower and fruit of the New Year.


Check out the various Chinatown celebration events at link below.

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New Year Shop Hours

It’s a new beginning and we at Sweet Blossoms wish you all a happy prosperous new year.

New Year Shop Hours
January 1, 2011 Saturday open 8am -2 pm
January 2, 2011 Sunday Closed

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Kadomatsu for the New Year

Three pieces of green bamboo, pine, mum, Kokutan and Nanten tied together with straw rope are packed with so much great meanings that it is by far the best arrangement gift for your neighbors, friends and business colleague. Everyone would like to welcome the new year with endurance, strength, flexibility, immortality, perfection, simplicity, constancy, vitality, longevity, purity, sweetness to a new beginnings, and deter any harm or difficulties to a favorable circumstance for the new year.

kadomatsu-large.jpg<<– Medium Kadomatsu Arrangement

We hope you have a great Christmas. Kadomatsu will be arriving at the store sometimes today. Pre-orders are welcome. Call us at 808-732-7668 for availability. Yes, we can deliver them same as a flower arrangement.

Mini (6″) – $13.99
Small (14″) – Plain: $24 / arranged: $40
Large (16″) – Plain: $29 / arranged: $47
X-Large (18″) – Plain: $40 / arranged: $55
Business Large (24″ and up) Call for availability and pricing.

Height is measured to the tallest bamboo members.

kadomatsu-large.jpg<<– Large Kadomatsu Arrangement

More photo post

Last year’s post has a few broken and missed link. Here are some updated one.

Bamboo: “A majestic evergreen pine tree grows into a tall, towering tree, so it is used as a symbol of longevity. Bamboo is a very strong plant that grows very straight and tall with a sturdy root structure, so it is thought of as a symbol of prosperity.” Human Flower Project

Pine: “The pine, symbolizing enduring lifeand the most important element in the kadomatsu.” Honolulu Star Bullentin

Plum: “The plum tree is not only neat and clean but also withstands the cold patiently and constantly, so it is considered to be a symbol of constancyHuman Flower Project

White Chrysanthemum (mum) A symbol of perfection and simplicity, the orderly unfolding of its petals represent perfection. It is the symbol of wealth, fidelity and truth.

Nantin: to overturn misfortune or adversity), nanten has traditionally been regarded as an auspicious plant. Warriors of old put its leave in their armor to ensure victory. Worldkigo2005

Kokutan – “The Kokutan is originated from parts of Asia. In Japan, this plant is called Sharinbai, meaning spokes of the wheel, referring to the arrangement of the leaves on the stems. This plant is also found in the warmer parts of Korea and Japan. Hawaii Okinawan name is Kokutan…

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Free Kadomatsu Demonstration

11,500 Kadomatsu later, TEMARI Kadomatsu Veterans and Kuhio Lions Club will be holding its Kadomatsu Demonstration at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii on December 28, Tuesday, 9 a.m. – 12 noon. Free and Open to the Public.  More Info

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Live Narcissus Flowers

Live narcissus flower plants have arrived. It is the best flower to celebrate spring and Chinese Lunar New Year, which this year is on February 14. Please call 808-732-7668 for availability.

$15.99 per plant (in plastic container)
$21.99 with basic container
$28.99 with gift container


Check out the various Chinatown celebration events at link below. Celebration start today until the New Year.

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That wreath looks a little dried out and brown?  That would be your reminder to take down those Christmas lights and decoration around the house.  If you have not already chopped up your Christmas tree and placed them in the green bin for green-cycle, please do so to eliminate the chance of fire from a dried-out Christmas tree.  Here at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, we are accepting your holiday and Christmas wreath for wreath-cycle. We separate the wreath apart for proper disposal or recycle.  You can do the same by follow our blog from last year.  Wish you all a healthy 2010. 

 See video of Christmas tree fire at USFA

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Extra tall Katomatsu for extra good luck

We can make green katomatsu that are 4 feet or taller – Perfect for business offices and restaurants to welcome the new year.  I think we all need a good start for 2010. (price at $160, Plain) Call to reserve your extra tall Katomatsu.

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