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Some rose

Beautiful rose blossoms.  Don’t you love it?

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Memorial Monday

We open on Memorial Monday from 10am to 1pm.  We have carnation bunches for your grave site visit.  Happy Memorial weekend. Flower delivery is still available to Diamond Head Cemetery until 12pm.


A quick way to locate your love one’s  plot at Diamond Head Memorial Park

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Cemetery delivery

It’s true, when locals moved away and all of the sudden, visiting the graves of their love ones may no longer be possible. Flower deliveries can be the solution. Here is a few tip for a successful cemetary delivery order.

1. It may be difficult to describe where the grave is, even when you have gone to the grave site year after year. Cemetery usually gives name or letter for each area or zone. It is best to call the cemetary office to find out.

2. If a cemetery map is available, mark the map and email or fax to your florist. Google map is also a good alternative for marking.

Diamond Head Memorial Park (Cemetery) uses letter destination to each of the area. It is one of our frequent grave site delivery since we are only 10 minutes away (driving).

3. Let the florist know any significant marker such as flag post, gate, trees, hose bib, statues that are located near the grave.

4. Select durable flowers that will last in the hot Hawaiian sun. Flowers such as ginger, heliconia, daisy, carnation, alstroemeria are all good choices.

5. Ask the florist to email or text you a photo with the arrangment placed on grave. This way you can be sure the arrangment is nice and that it is delivered to the correct grave.

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Memorial Day

We made our grave site delivery to Diamond Head Cemetary on Memorial Day and boy, what a sight.  Graves were doted with flowers and flags.  I would say the graves are almost as decorated with flowers as much to during Easter or Chinese Ching Ming.

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Chinese Funeral Tips

For a Chinese funeral, it is best to send a wreath or flower arrangement of white and yellow chrysanthemum. For a more traditional Chinese funeral, thorny flowers such as roses should be avoided. And when the deceased  are more than 80 years old, brigher flowers are appropripriate.  Ribbon banner naming the senders and their relationship to the deceased are often draped across the arrangement. Usually the banner is written in Chinese, so ask ahead if the florist can provide Chinese calligraphy service.

Often time the obituary notice may say “No Flowers” This is more often just a directive to the general public. Extra flowers from the general public may require extra transportation expense to move the flowers after the ceremony. Closed families and friends are often okay to send flowers but just check with the family to make sure.

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Funeral and Cemetery Sympathy Flower Delivery


We often deliver funeral and cemetery sympathy flower to the following funeral homes

Borthwick Mortuary 1330 Maunakea St (808) 522-5200
Diamond Head Mortuary 535 18th Ave (808) 735-2872
Mililani Downtown Mortuary 20 S Kukui St (808) 538-6207
Hosoi Garden Mortuary 30 N Kukui St (808) 538-3877
Kukui Mortuary 2233 Nuuanu Ave (808) 537-5548
Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary 2233 Nuuanu Ave (808) 537-5255
Ultimate Cremation Svc-Hawaii 2162 Nuuanu Ave (808) 528-3441
Williams Funeral Service 931 Hausten St (808) 949-0022

sympathy baskets and funeral flower easels

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