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Butterflies and our crown flower trees

Our crown flower trees are now bare with hardly much leaves left.  Leaves (are) were munched by butterfly caterpillars for the last month and a half. It is a devastated sight from a crown flower farmer or a home owner perspective. But to caterpillars, fatten by every inch of leaves is a must, in order to get ready for coconing, then becoming butterflies.  We put our blinders on and let the caterpillars munch on. We welcome the devastation, knowing that there will be more butterflies for the world.  The tree will be refilled with leaves again. It will be soon be spring, summer, fall, then again butterflis return and lay their eggs.

crown flower tree and caterpillar

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Farmer’s from the Big Island needs your help

Storm Iselle’s damage to Big Island farm crops is estimated at $53M. Please volunteer or make your donation.

See link below on how you can help.

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Hawaii grown Snapdragons

Did you know we use Hawaii grown lilies, snapdragons, and hydrangeas every chance we can. We found that the quality of the flowers will be nicer since they are in transport for a few hours rather than a couple of days. Besides, it is better for the environment.  We love our flower grower at the Big Island. Enjoy your Friday. 


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Recycle Valentine

Hope you have enjoyed your Valentine arrangement.  Remember, the arrangement can be placed in the green bin for green waste collection.  The glass container can be reused a few more times before placing into the blue bin for glass container collection.

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Backyard Progress

Here is progress of our flower shop backyard.  It is a little weedy after the rainy winter season. We have a baby pineapple coming up.  So cute. Yeah. Our cactus shot up about 6 feet before flowering. We still have the basil and the rosemary plants, fighting their turfs with the weeds.  Remember, the water we changed out goes here, to grow plants in the back yard.  Less water needed from the Board of Water Supply and less water goes to the water treatment plant.  Summer is here!  Conserve water when we can.

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Tell Hershey to give us child-labor-free chocolate this Valentine’s

This Valentine’s day tell Hershey to go fair trade. Simply stop buying Hershey for your sweet heart is not enough.  Hershey must know of your disapproval of them using forced labor, child labor and trafficking for your chocolate.  We want the same awesome chocolate but just child-labor-free.  Please Hershey, get on with it.  Slavery is so not sweet.

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That wreath looks a little dried out and brown?  That would be your reminder to take down those Christmas lights and decoration around the house.  If you have not already chopped up your Christmas tree and placed them in the green bin for green-cycle, please do so to eliminate the chance of fire from a dried-out Christmas tree.  Here at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, we are accepting your holiday and Christmas wreath for wreath-cycle. We separate the wreath apart for proper disposal or recycle.  You can do the same by follow our blog from last year.  Wish you all a healthy 2010. 

 See video of Christmas tree fire at USFA

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Pledge to shop local for the holidays

Help support OUR local economy this Holiday Season. By pledging to spend $150 of your shopping dollars at locally-owned stores this season, you will have a $25 million impact on O‘ahu, an estimated $4 million more than if it was spent at a non-local big box retailer. Honolulu Weekly will automatically enter you to win $1000 in gift certificates from independent locally owned merchants and restaurants.

Make your pledge at Honolulu Weekly! Deadline to pledge is December 20.

(Estimate based on numbers from Civic Economics that $0.68 of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the community, while only $0.43 stays when spent at a chain.)

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Green bouquet

Did you know the under-wrapping for your prom bouquets are reused Pregis airspeed packing cushion material? They are made of #4 Plastic (LDPE), which can be 100% recycled, same as your grocery bags.

Under the fancy ribbon wrap is a message

Under the fancy ribbon wrap is a special message

Our supplier choose air packing cushion over the polystyrene packing peanuts. And we reused the air packing cushion first before recycling the rest. Everybody wins. Drop off your grocery bags for recycling at the Kapahulu Safeway store. The bin is at the entrance nearest to ColdStone.

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How to enjoy your bouquet after the prom?

Unwrap your bouquet of ribbon, plastic sleeve, and wet paper towel; put it in a vase with some water; you could enjoy your bouquet for another few days.  Better yet, order your bouquet with open stems and no unwraping is required. After the prom, simply place your bouquet in a mid-size vase with some water.  Enjoy your prom.  Enjoy your bouquet. 

unwraping is easy.

unwraping is easy.

After the bouquet flowers wilted, untie the bouquet, check to see if the flowers are wired (orchids, plumeria, hypericums are usually wired).  Flowers with wire removed can be tossed into your green recyle bin (yard waste bin) for greencycling. Wire can be tossed into your regular waste.  H-power will pick out the metal wire before it goes into the burner.

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