Kadomatsu is here

Welcome the new year with a 3-piece bamboo arrangement call Kadomatsu. Give a gift that bring endurance, strength, vitality, longevity to a new year. Give a gift that bring sweetness to a new beginning. Give a gift that will deter any harm or difficulties to a favorable new year. Happy New Year everyone.

Kadomatsu has arrived at the store today. Reserve your Kadomatsu and call us at 808-732-7668. Yes, we can deliver them same as a flower arrangement (minimum $45 purchase).

Mini (6″) – $13.99
Small (14″) – Plain: $24 / arranged: $40
Large (16″) – Plain: $29 / arranged: $47
X-Large (18″) – Plain: $42 / arranged: $57
XX-Large (26″) – Plain: $59 / arranged: $78
Business Large (28″ and up) Call for availability and pricing.

Height is measured to the tallest bamboo members.



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