Color of Roses

The first true primary red rose seen in Europe was ‘Slater’s Crimson China,’ introduced in 1792 from China, where it had been growing wild in the mountains. Immediately, rose breeders began using it to hybridize red roses for cultivation…..more

Admiration (pink, light pink)
Appreciation (pink, dark pink, peach)
Beauty (red)
Closing the deal (peach)
Congratulations (red)
Courage and Passion (red)
Courage and Respect (red)
Death (black)
Delight (yellow)
Desire (orange, coral)
Enchantment (lavender)
Enthusiasm (orange)
Falling in Love (yellow with red tip)
Farewell (black)
Fascination (orange)
Friendship (yellow, yellow with red tip)
Gentleness (pink, light pink)
Girlhood (white rosebud)
Given together (red and white)
Gladness (light pink, yellow)
Grace (pink, light pink)
Gratitude (dark pink , peach, single of any color)
Happy love (bridal) (white)
Heavenly (white)
Humility (white)
“I am worthy of you” (white)
“I care” (yellow)
“I Love You” (red, single stem red)
The impossible (blue)
Innocence (white)
Jealousy (yellow)
“Job Well Done” (red)
Joy (light pink, yellow)
Jovial and Happy Feelings (red and yellow)
Let’s get together (peach)
Love (red)
Love at first sight (lavender, thornless rose)
Modesty (pale peach)
Perfect Happiness (pink)
“Please Believe Me” (pink)
Promise of a new beginning (yellow)
Purity (white)
purity and loveliness (red rosebud)
Remember Me (yellow)
Respect (red)
Reverence (white)
Romantic Love (red)
Secrecy (white)
Silence (white)
Simplicity (single of any color)
Sincere Love (red)
Sincerity (peach)
Sympathy (light pink)
Sweetness (light pink)
“Thank you” (pink, dark pink)
These signify unity (red and white)
The unattainable (blue)
Unconscious beauty (dark red, deep burgundy)
Youthfulness (white)
Welcome Back (yellow)
source:meaning by color

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