Early Kadomatsu

Are you thinking of Kadomatsu already? I know those people who are making them are.  Some are checking on the health and quality of the bamboo, getting them ready to be harvested. Some are dusting off their band saws and chop saws, getting ready to cut some frest green bamboo. 

Kadomatsu will be arriving at the store soon next week. Pre-orders are welcome. Call us at 808-732-7668 for availability. Yes, we can deliver them to your love ones same as a flower arrangement (minimum $45 purchase plus $15 delivery fee).

Mini (6″) – $13.99
Small (14″) – Plain: $24 / arranged: $40
Large (16″) – Plain: $29 / arranged: $47
X-Large (18″) – Plain: $40 / arranged: $55
Business Large (24″ and up) Call for availability and pricing.

Height is measured to the tallest bamboo members.

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