Mother’s Day 2015 Shop Hours

We will open from 8 am-5 pm on Mother’s Sunday. Wish all you moms out there to have a wonderful day.


Shown above are 20 stems of gardenia arranged like a prom or wedding bouquet, but set in a glass. The fragrant of this arrangement will be great for moms, who love fragrant flowers, who care little about size and color of the arrangement. When the arrangement arrived, most moms would untie the bunch and place a few blossoms in the bathroom, a few blossoms in the bedroom, half dozen in the living room and the remaining on the dining table.  the fragrant of this small packed gardenia  bouquet arrangement will travel throughout the house.  The gardenia can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use to extend the flower life for a day or two.   Enjoy your gardenia.  SBH.

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