Welcome 2016 with Kadomatsu Arrangement

New Year is just around the corner and we are stocking Kadomatsu at the store – ready for your purchase beginning on the day after Christmas.  Kadomatsu, a Japanese New Year tradition has become a local (Hawaii) one. Kadomatsu arrangement brings green into the home just like the Christmas trees. Locals are giving Kadomatsu, like a flower arrangement, as gift to welcome the New Year.

katomastu 2016

^ 24″ Arranged Katomatsu on left and 18″ Arranged Katomatsu on the right


Pre-orders are welcome. Call us at 808-732-7668 for availability. Yes, we can deliver them to your love ones same as a flower arrangement (minimum $45 purchase plus $18 delivery fee).

Mini (6″) – $12.99
Medium  (16″-18″) – Plain: $42 / arranged: $64 (pictured above)
Large (22″-24″) – Plain: $52 / arranged: $85
X Large (28″-30″) – Plain: $79 / arranged: $95
Business Large (31″ and up) Call for availability and pricing

katomastu tall 2016

^ 18″ Plain Katomatsu on the left and 30″ Plain Katomatsu on the right

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