Flower Photography

We photograph our flowers arrangement with a few point and shoot digital cameras.  We use mostly natural day light and white background. With white flowers, we use darker background.


Soon we will try some of the tips from Table Top Studio  and learn to use artificial light, use a light box to diffuse light and provide a cluster-free background (unless it is mood driven arrangement where the background is also important; wedding flowers is a good example.) Switch your digital camera from the default average focus mode to spot focus mode.  This will give you more control over what you want to focus.  Use a tripod to steady your shots for sharp images.  Use daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs so you don’t have to compensate for off white balance shots.  Use two to three source of soft light to eliminate harsh shadows.  Rotate arrangement for the best angle. Shooting down on the arrangments will show more flowers and less vase, which will usually resulted in more dramatic photos.

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