Gardenias = Summer in Paradise

Gardenias season on the island is between April and July. Season peaks right about now in June. If you want them in August, pray for heavy rain in July:) Not recommended. Care of gardenias is simple. When you bring home fresh gardenias from the florist, blossoms are usually tight and off-white with a light touch of green in color. To speed up the bloom and release of fragrant, display your gardenias in the warmer part of the house with bright light. To keep unused bunches dormant, place them in a small short glass of water, place a plastic bag over them to keep the buds from drying out and keep them in the lower shelf of your refrigerator. You can do similar to displayed gardenias when you’re out and about. Upon return, take them back out from the refrigerator, remove plastic bag and continue to enjoy the fragrant of these beautiful summer blossoms. Replace browned flowers with new buds, and change water often. Enjoy the summer. With gardenia around, you’re sure to be in paradise.

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