Wedding Cake Decoration

Most cake makers and catering department of hotels can take on the task of decorating your wedding cake. If there is a certain flowers that you like, ask your florist to provide the flowers along with your bouquets and centerpieces. This way the flowers will be similar too. And if there is a certain look that you are after, bring example pictures to your florist. They will be glad to recreate it for you. Here is a lovely wedding cake decorated with stargazer lilies, white roses and dendrobium orchids. Enjoy.

Your florists who decorate the cake on site will actually adjust the flower placement depending on the location of the cake. They will use the flowers to the biggest impact. It may be tempted to use up all the flowers and put too much flowers on the cake. Just tell yourself that it is okay to have have left over, especially when the cake is already looking great. Remember, it is a cake decorated with flowers, not cake hiding in a flower bed.

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