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Pikake (Jasmine) Hairclip

This is made by our pikake supplier. Fragrant blossoms in the hair. What a wonderful idea! We are not sure how it would hold up since they are all floral glued to the clip. Let us know.

2014 photos 255

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Wristlets for Prom

Bouquets and wristlets are both popular for proms.  We made this gardenia wristlet last week. It speaks casual, simple and elegant.  Hey, it is fragrant too. 



Here is a wristlet we  made this week.  Baby red roses are cute on wristlets!  Enjoy your prom!

Wristlet Rose

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Pink Wristlet 2013

Wristlet is more favorable at this year’s prom season. It certainly has its appeal. Wristlet speak casual. Here is a pink one we did this week.  Have a fun time at the prom.

pink wristlet 2013

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Orange Rose Wristlet for Prom

It’s prom season and here is a pretty orange wristlet for the girl. Enjoy.

orange wristlet

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Pretty in Pink


Another pretty pink prom Bouquet.  Have a nice time, prom goers. 

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Gardenia prom bouquet


A gardenia prom bouquet doesn’t happen too often but when it happens it is a class of its own, an instant classic. This bouquet is a tough one to commercialized because you have to push bloom the flowers before you can hand tie them. 

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Wristlets 2011

Wristlets are very popular this year.  Here are some we did this week. Color combinations are endless.  Lavender purple, yellow, pink, tiger pink, white and off white…   

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Prom Bouquets 2011

Here are some prom bouquet made for proms a couple weeks ago.  Hope you all have fun at the prom.  Enjoy and take lots of pictures. 


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Prom Samples

White Roses Handtied Bouquet- $69

Purple Mix Flowers Bouquet - $85

Purple and Lavender Roses Bouquet - $75

White Roses Corsage - $35, Boutonniere - $12

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Two and half Stops for Prom

You’ve got yourself a date.  Now what? Wishing for a one stop shop for all prom stuff.  Can it be that simple? Dresses and tux from Princess Brides, prom bouquet from Sweet Blossoms, limo from Platinum Limousine. Is that it? Well almost, you will also need the shoes and accessories.  Have a great time.

Dress and Tux
Princess Brides
1221 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 102
Phone: (808) 592-8888

Platinum Limousine

Prom Bouquet, corsage, Boutonniere, Meile lei
Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

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